Leadership Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Patrick Hwu, MD, President and CEO
Patrick Hwu, MD, President and CEO

Diversity and inclusion are founding values of Moffitt Cancer Center, and the institution has long been an ardent advocate of equity for all. Fostering and embracing diversity, equity and inclusion is the right thing to do, and we recognize that living by these fundamental principles leads to better health outcomes. It builds the foundation by which we can effectively pursue the institution’s mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Moffitt Cancer Center’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has resulted in many notable national recognitions, including DiversityInc Top Hospitals and Health Systems, and the Leader designation by the Human Rights Campaign.  However, health equity has not yet been achieved, and there is still work to be done to ensure that all communities have equitable health outcomes. 

As an organization committed to quality health care and outcomes, and a community of healers, we remain steadfast in our steps to ensure that every team member and each leader at Moffitt contribute to a nurturing, inclusive environment that is dedicated to enterprise-wide engagement in the pursuit of equity; which is a necessary ingredient in meeting the unique cancer needs of all communities.

At Moffitt, we are determined to deliver the best possible cancer care to all who walk through our doors. The pursuit of equity and upholding Moffitt’s value of Inclusion contribute to meeting the unique cancer needs in our community and beyond.

Patrick Hwu, MD
President and CEO

Dr. Lee B. Green
B. Lee Green, Ph.D., VP, Diversity, Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Moffitt Cancer Center is a world-class organization that embraces the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that the diverse views and experiences of our team members, each of whom contributes in their own unique way, positions us to boldly fulfill the cancer center’s mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

As demonstrated by our commitment to living Moffitt’s value of "inclusion," to our steadfast research portfolio in pursuit of health equity, we are dedicated to a work and care environment that drives our pursuit to achieve Moffitt’s mission, so that all team members, patients, caregivers and communities may thrive.

This commitment is shared by the incredible leaders and team members across the cancer center who make equity a part of their everyday business practice. This partnership and collaboration with leaders across our enterprise will continue to make Moffitt Cancer Center successful in achieving equity objectives.

As we have experienced, cancer knows no boundaries and impacts us all regardless of our social or demographic identity. At Moffitt, our goal is to provide the best cancer care for anyone who walks through our doors. Everyone deserves the best chance of beating cancer.

Here at Moffitt Cancer Center, your identity will never get in the way of the quality care that you deserve…..however you identify, you will always receive compassionate and equitable care.

B. Lee Green, PhD
Vice President, Diversity
Public Relations and Strategic Communications