Supplier Opportunities


To view a listing of some of the available resources for affected small businesses, please click on the following link: COVID-19 SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCES.

Business Opportunities

The cancer center is committed to providing all qualified suppliers an equal opportunity to participate in its Request for Proposals. A list of current and future opportunities is available below.

If your organization is interested in participating in any of these opportunities, the first step is to complete a Vendor Profile Form, located under the Supplier/Vendor Information Page on Once that document is completed, please contact the Purchasing department for specifics regarding the opportunities listed below.




All the supporting documents should be accessed by clicking the hyperlinks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below are links to all the supporting documentation. Please click EACH link to access the documents.

Please continue to monitor the site for future announcements and updates.

Number Name Issue Date Vendor
Close Date
(Bid/ RFP
Due Date)
& Email
RFP 21-19-SSP Annual Giving Program Direct - Response Fundraising Agency
RFP Link
Minutes 4/16/21
4/1/2021 4/14/2021
1 p.m. EDT
Conference Call in
Access code: 7457113

2 p.m. EDT
Lori Perks
RFP 21-26-SSP Design-Build Services - MCC AHU Replacements
RFP Link
Minutes 7/22/2021
7/12/2021 7/21/2021

11 a.m. EST Conference Call in #: 800-206-6032 Access code: 7457113

2 p.m. EDT
Lori Perks
RFP 22-03-SSP Audio Visual Equipment and Installation REVISED
RFP Link
Minutes 8/25/2021
8/17/2021 8/24/2021

3 p.m. EDT
Conference Call in
#: 800-206-6032
Access code: 7457113

2 p.m. EDT
Lori Perks
RFP 22-04-SSP Design-Build Services – MCC Various Radiology Equipment Replacements
RFP Link
Minutes (9/13/21)
MCB-2 Layout1
MCB-4 Layout1
MKC-2 Layout1
MKC-4 Layout1
9/1/2021 9/10/2021

11 a.m. EDT
Zoom meeting: Link
Phone Number: 646-876-9923
Meeting ID #: 993 0134 3718

2 p.m. EDT
Lori Perks
RFP 22-05-SSP Design-Build Services – Moffitt Research Center – Infrastructure and 3rd FL Lab & Office Renovations
RFP Link
9/9/2021 9/17/2021

10:30 a.m. EDT
Zoom meeting: Link
Phone Number: (646)-876-9923
Meeting ID #: 993 7648 2044

2 p.m. EDT
Lori Perks


Listing of upcoming bids for Moffitt Cancer Center – Stabile Research Building (SRB) HVAC Roof Renovation Project # 18-007

Click on the link below to view bid packages/scopes scheduled to be issued by Beck/Envision August 9, 2021:
Listing - Upcoming Bid Packages

Listing of upcoming bids for the Moffitt Expansion Hospital (MEH) Project

Click on the link below to view bid scopes scheduled to be issued August 2021:
Upcoming Bids

Listing of Construction Primes – Current Moffitt Construction Project(s)

Seeking subcontractor opportunities with prime construction contractors for the following Moffitt Construction Projects:

Current Moffitt Construction Projects

  • Moffitt Cancer Center - New Hospital Expansion Project
  • Moffitt Cancer Center - Central Energy Plant (CEP) Infrastructure Upgrade And Replacement Project
  • Central Energy Plant (CEP) Phase 2 Project hosted by DPR Construction-Matcon
  • MCC Faculty Office Building Renovations (Floors 1-3) hosted by Skanska USA Building
  • Moffitt Cancer Center SRB HVAC Renovation hosted by Beck-Envision

Contact Listing of Construction Primes

Contact the prime directly to learn about available opportunities to bid on the various construction projects listed. To view the contact list, please click on the following link: click here

Diversity Outreach Events – Moffitt Construction Projects

DATE: JULY 27, 2021
TIME: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM. EST

Beck-Envision Virtual Pre-Bid Meeting/Session
Moffitt Cancer Center Stabile Research Building (SRB) HVAC & Rooftop Renovation Project

Please join the Beck-Envision team for a virtual Pre-Bid Meeting/Session to discuss bid packages for the SRB HVAC & Rooftop Renovation at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Learn about the following bid packages:

• Personnel Hoist (Buck Hoist)
• Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
• Scaffolding
• Selective Demolition
• Site Construction
• Structural and Miscellaneous Steel
• Waterproofing and Sealants
• Roofing
• Doors, Frames & Hardware
• Glass and Glazing (removal, temporary and window film)
• Acoustical Ceilings
• Framing and Sheathing
• Plaster
• Painting and Coatings
• Signage (temporary/construction)
• Plumbing Systems
• HVAC Systems
• Test and Balance
• Electrical Systems
• Landscaping and Irrigation

 To register to attend this Zoom meeting/webinar, email for Zoom link.

*Registration is required to attend. After registering, you will receive an email withinformation on joining the meeting.

LOCATION: This is a Virtual Event Hosted via Zoom and registration is required.

FLYER: For additional details, event flyer, and to register for event, CLICK HERE. (PDF)

Prime Contractors Bid Announcements – Moffitt Construction Projects

Construction Bid Announcement(s):

Postings -- Moffitt Expansion Hospital Project (All bidders must contact project managers directly)

Bid Name Issue
RFI's Due Date Pre-Bid Meetings & Diversity Goals Bid Due Date Project Managers
Contact & Email
All bids and questions
must be submitted to:
No. __ Moffitt Cancer Center SRB HVAC & Rooftop

Click on bid announcement link below for all bid details and instructions:

Bid Packages Include:

  • Bid Package No. 01.54 Personnel Hoist
  • Bid Package No. 01.55 Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
  • Bid Package No. 01.57 Scaffolding
  • Bid Package No. 02.41 Selective Demolition
  • Bid Package No. 05.00 Structural & Miscellaneous Steel
  • Bid Package No. 07.10 Waterproofing & Joint Sealants
  • Bid Package No. 07.50 Roofing
  • Bid Package No. 08.10 Doors, Frames and Hardware
  • Bid Package No. 08.87 Window Film
  • Bid Package No. 09.22 Framing & Sheathing
  • Bid Package No. 09.23 Plastering
  • Bid Package No. 09.90 Painting
  • Bid Package No. 10.14 Signage
  • Bid Package No. 23.00 HVAC Systems
  • Bid Package No. 23.05 Test and Balance
  • Bid Package No. 26.00 Electrical Systems
  • Bid Package No. 32.13 Site Concrete “Hardscape”
  • Bid Package No. 32.80 Landscaping & Irrigation
8/9/21 9/1/21
2:00 p.m. EST

Important Dates: All RFI’s are due by September 1st @ 2:00 p.m.

Questions Regarding Bid Package Contents:
If a bidder finds discrepancies in or omissions from the Bid Package Contents and/or Bidding Documents, or if the bidder is in doubt as to their meaning, it shall submit RFI's through the Procore project software.
Diversity Goals

Bid Process and Support
The Beck/Envision team will review and discuss Moffitt's diversity goals for the project. If Subcontractor needs any help regarding Minority, Women, Veteran, Service Disabled
Veteran, LGBT, and Disability Owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/VBE/SDVBE/
LGBTBE/DOBE) diversity goals for this project, please contact:

Diversity Goals/Bid Process and Support:
Gabrielle Howard
Bid due date extended 

BID DUE DATE 09/20/2021 (End of Business Day) – HVAC, STEEL, ELECTRICAL & ROOFING BIDS



One (1) electronic copy combined into one pdf file and submitted through Procore by the following due date(s) listed below.

HVAC, Steel, Electrical and Roofing
Bid Due Date 9/20/21 – End of Business Day

The following trades will submit to Beck on 9/29/21 by 2PM.
  • Traffic Control
  • Selective Demolition
  • Waterproofing & Joint Sealants
  • Framing & Stucco
  • Composite Metal Panels
  • Window Film & Glass Removal/Reinstall
  • Fire Protection
  • T&B / CX
Bid Due Date: 9/29/21 by 2PM

Proposals shall be submitted through Procore software. Also, send a pdf file to:
Jordan Nasser -