The Center For Digital Health

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The Center for Digital Health is a hub of shared services that uses innovative tools and technology to deliver new experiences at Moffitt Cancer Center. It consists of Information Technology, Health Data Services and Digital Innovation.


The Center for Digital Health strives to accelerate Moffitt’s mission and strategy by leveraging clinical, research, and operational partnerships to develop tools that empower clinicians and investigators and improve the patient/consumer experience.

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Enhancing the Consumer Experience

Digital Innovation
Brings bold ideas into focus and delivers new digital experiences by leveraging iterative methodology, cutting edge technology, and a consumer-first mentality.

Health Data Services
Provides access to high quality data and novel insights derived from those data for use in clinical and operational decision making, cancer research and care delivery through data abstraction, curation, governance, analytics and visualization services.

Information Technology
Enables enterprise digital transformation through a wide portfolio of reliable, core technology assets & services leveraging our enterprise architecture framework; and delivery of emerging technologies to manage and transform our operating model.

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Driving Digital Discovery

Moffitt’s new artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital innovation teams are working to make the cancer center the most digitally enabled.

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Employment Opportunities

Join a dedicated, diverse and inclusive team and help shape the courageous future we envision.

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Digital Innovation at Moffitt is Ever Innovating

We are rapidly hiring and looking for professionals with a passion to serve in an innovative and exciting environment.