Brain Cancer Screening Tests Near Clearwater, FL

While there are currently no brain cancer screening tests available in the traditional sense – that is, tests that are done regularly to look for the presence of cancer in individuals who do not have any symptoms – Moffitt Cancer Center offers a full spectrum of advanced diagnostic tests in Tampa, just a short drive from Clearwater, Florida. We recognize the importance of early detection, which is why we encourage anyone who is concerned about unusual symptoms to promptly consult with an oncologist. For people whose symptoms suggest the presence of brain cancer, Moffitt offers a number of high-definition imaging scans and precise lab tests to determine if a tumor might be present.

The most prominent benefits of turning to Moffitt for brain cancer testing include:

  • Prompt and detailed test results made possible by our experienced radiologists and pathologists
  • Advanced genomic evaluations to determine the type, stage and cellular makeup of a brain tumor, if cancer is present
  • Comprehensive treatment provided by a multispecialty team of oncologists, including surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists

And, while potential brain cancer screening options are still being evaluated, Moffitt’s team can provide tailored recommendations to individuals who have an elevated risk of developing brain cancer due to genetics or lifestyle factors. Our clinical research program is continually studying brain cancer risk factors, as well as the mechanisms of its development, allowing us to offer residents of Clearwater and other nearby areas the newest and most effective options for screening and diagnosis.  

To learn more about Moffitt’s current options for brain cancer screening, surveillance and early detection, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. We welcome patients from Clearwater, FL, and other surroundings areas, and patients can come to us with or without a physician’s referral.