LATTE Education Program: Lung Cancer Patient Advocacy & Support

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The mission of the Lung and Thoracic Tumor Education (LATTE) Program is to contribute to the prevention and cure of lung cancer by embracing the patient and family perspective. The program explores ways to develop and promote a formal means for Patient Advocacy whereby patients and family members are actively involved in the decision-making processes that govern thoracic oncology programs. Through advocacy, support, education and community outreach, the Lung and Thoracic Tumor Education program serves as the collective voice of actively involved individuals who share their personal and professional expertise to contribute to the prevention and cure of lung cancer.

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In order to better serve our thoracic patients at Moffitt Cancer Center, the LATTE (Lung and Thoracic Tumor Education) Program would like to get your feedback to ensure that our program continues to meet the needs of our thoracic patients and family members. We would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete this brief survey. If you have any questions, please call 813-745-4736. Thank you for your time and participation, your feedback is very important to us!

Please send the completed survey by email to, by fax to 813-745-4736, or by bringing it to your next appointment. Thank you for your participation, we appreciate your feedback!

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LATTE Program Coordinator can be reached at:

Haley Tolbert, MHA