Radiation for Lung Cancer Patients from St. Petersburg, FL

One of the main treatments recommended for lung cancer is radiation therapy. This treatment involves using high-energy radioactive rays to destroy cancer cells, and may be applied as its own treatment or in combination with other treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy. Individuals in St. Petersburg, Florida, can receive treatment for their lung cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Every lung cancer case at Moffitt is reviewed by our tumor board, a multispecialty team of medical experts who create individualized treatment plans that best serve the needs of each patient.

If radiation therapy is recommended in a patient’s treatment plan, it will be delivered through one of the following methods:

  • External beam radiation therapy – A machine outside the body targets the tumor using radioactive beams.
  • Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) – Radioactive pellets are implanted inside the body to deliver radiation to the lungs. The pellets are then removed or left to disintegrate.

The delivery method that a patient will receive depends on many factors, including the size, stage and location of the tumor, as well as the patient’s general health. At Moffitt, our radiation oncologists who specialize in lung cancer will consider all of the complex factors involved before making a recommendation.

Patients traveling from St. Petersburg, FL, benefit not only from our convenient cancer center and advanced treatment methods, but also from the comprehensive services we have available under a single roof, including tests, scans and supportive care services. Moffitt has helped thousands of patients fight cancer and achieve a better quality of life.

If you’d like more information about radiation for lung cancer and other treatment options, call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form. We welcome patients from St. Petersburg, FL, and do not require a referral to schedule an appointment.