Melanoma Treatment for Residents of Miami, FL

Moffitt Cancer Center offers comprehensive melanoma treatment and supportive care to residents of Miami, Florida. Located in Tampa, our high-volume cancer center features a Cutaneous Oncology Program with surgeons, radiation oncologists, dermatopathologists and many other specialists who all focus exclusively on skin malignancies. By merging unparalleled expertise in a multispecialty team with the latest advances in treatment, Moffitt physicians are able to help more patients achieve positive outcomes and preserve the health of their skin – the body’s largest organ.

What does melanoma treatment involve?

Melanoma treatment plans often include a combination of surgery and other therapies to remove growths and destroy cancer cells in nearby tissues. At Moffitt, our tumor board collaborates to develop tailored treatment plans for each patient. For example, depending on factors such as the patient’s overall health and the location and extent of the melanoma, a treatment plan may vary and include:

  • Surgery to remove melanoma while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible
  • Radiation therapy to shrink or eliminate cancer in a specific area
  • Chemotherapy to eradicate cancer cells that have traveled beyond the original site of the melanoma
  • Reconstructive surgery, if a highly visible or large portion of skin is affected
  • Preventive care to reduce the risk of future skin malignancies
  • Supportive care services such as nutritional counseling and pain management

Moffitt also leads an ambitious clinical trial program and trailblazing research initiatives to improve the way skin cancers are diagnosed, treated and prevented. Thanks in part to our efforts, the National Cancer Institute has designated Moffitt as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – the only such center based in Florida.

Patients who are traveling from Miami to receive melanoma treatment at Moffitt are encouraged to take advantage of lowered rates at our partner hotels. In compliance with our strict hygiene standards, these hotels provide clean and comfortable accommodations for our patients and their families.

If you live in Miami, FL, and wish to speak with a Moffitt physician regarding your melanoma treatment options, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. A referral is not required to request an appointment.