Treatment Information About Pancoast Tumors for Patients From Orlando, FL

The latest advances in treatment for Pancoast tumors are available to residents of Orlando, Florida, at Moffitt Cancer Center in nearby Tampa. The multispecialty team within Moffitt’s Thoracic Oncology Program offers a full spectrum of advanced treatments, including resection surgery to remove tumors and various forms of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to ensure cancer cells are eliminated and the risk of reoccurrence is minimized. Eligible patients can also take advantage of one of our clinical trials to receive breakthrough treatments before they are made widely available.

Pancoast tumors, also known as superior sulcus tumors, are malignancies that originate in the rounded upper portion of the lungs. They account for only 3 to 5 percent of all lung cancers. If you have been diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor, it’s important to seek treatment at a high-volume center with physicians who frequently address this form of cancer. At Moffitt, our oncologists specializing in lung cancer treat hundreds of patients with Pancoast tumors every year, as opposed to physicians at some smaller practices who see only a handful – if any – such patients in their careers.

Here are a few other factors that set Moffitt apart from other cancer centers:

  • Each of our patients receives an individualized treatment plan, developed through discussions with our multispecialty tumor board, who refines plans as necessary according to the patient’s progress and unique needs.
  • We offer an array of supportive care services, such as pain management, yoga, counseling and acupuncture, to help patients cope with the emotional and physical side effects of Pancoast tumor treatment.
  • All of our diagnostic services, treatments and supportive care services are provided in the same location, so our patients don’t have to travel to multiple centers in an unfamiliar city or hassle with transferring medical records between practitioners.
  • Thanks in part to our unwavering commitment to advancing lung cancer research, Moffitt is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida.

At Moffitt, we understand the challenges of traveling from Orlando, FL, to receive treatment at our cancer center. That’s why we offer our out-of-town patients and their families discounted rates at our partner hotels – all of which meet or exceed our strict standards regarding hygiene and hospitality.

If you live in Orlando, FL, and would like to explore your treatment options for Pancoast tumors, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form. Referrals are not required to become a Moffitt patient.