Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials

Pancreatic cancer clinical trials provide patients with access to promising new cancer treatments that aren’t yet readily available. Additionally, because clinical trials provide a reliable way to evaluate the effectiveness of newly discovered drugs and techniques in relation to those that are currently being used, they play a pivotal role in facilitating advances in the prevention and cure of cancer. Of course, the health, safety and care of clinical trial participants always come first. Before any patients are enrolled in a trial, thorough investigations are conducted to ensure safety. Clinical research is a very exciting and important part of medicine. In fact, even today’s most widely recommended treatments for pancreatic cancer were once available to patients only through clinical trials.

Moffitt Cancer Center is nationally recognized for its extensive research efforts and clinical trials, which have resulted in landmark advances in all aspects of cancer care. For instance, through our robust pancreatic cancer clinical trials program, Moffitt patients can be among the first to take advantage of promising new:

  • Risk assessments
  • Prevention, detection and diagnostic methods
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Surgical techniques
  • Radiation therapy delivery techniques, immunotherapies, molecular therapies and other innovative treatment options

As the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, Moffitt is a well-established leader in cancer research. We have a multispecialty team of pancreatic cancer experts who work together to ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate and beneficial care. Depending on a patient’s individual circumstances, this might include a clinical trial or another advanced treatment option.

To learn more about the pancreatic cancer clinical trials available at Moffitt Cancer Center, call  1-813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) or submit a clinical trials inquiry form online. Our clinical trial navigators can help you find out if a trial is right for you, and no referrals are necessary.

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A Prospective, Randomised, Controlled, Open-label, Multicentre Phase III Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) with 177Lu-Edotreotide Compared to Targeted Molecular Therapy with Everolimus in Patients with Inoperable, Progressive, Somato-Statin Receptor-Positive (SSTR+), Neuroendocrine Tumours of Gastroenteric or Pancreatic Origin (GEP-NET)

Disease Site: Other Endocrine System, Pancreas, Other GI, Pancreatic islet tumor

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The Florida Pancreas Collaborative Next-Generation Biobank: Reducing Health Disparities and Improving Survival for Pancreatic Cancer

Disease Site: Pancreas, Pancreatic islet tumor

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