Prostate Cancer Survival Rate

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The prostate cancer survival rate is exceptionally high. Because the cancer grows very slowly and responds well to treatment, the majority of patients are able to lead long and healthy lives.

As with other cancers, prostate cancer has the most favorable survival rates when patients are diagnosed early. When prostate cancer is detected before it has spread to the lymph nodes (or other organs), it is most responsive to treatment and, therefore, more easily cured.

No matter the stage of your cancer, Moffitt Cancer Center can help you improve your prognosis and quality of life. Not only do we have a dedicated Genitourinary Oncology Program staffed by surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other support professionals who specialize in treating prostate cancer, but we also create individualized treatment plans for each of our patients. Our multispecialty team comes together in a weekly tumor board to evaluate a number of different factors that can all affect a patient’s outcome – including the size, grade and location of tumors, along with any other treatments previously attempted – to recommend the best possible plan for the patient’s unique situation.

Medically reviewed by Monica Chatwal, MD.

No referral is necessary to seek treatment at Moffitt. We welcome patients who have already received treatment elsewhere, as well as patients who are exploring their options for the very first time. Call 1-888-663-3488, or request an appointment online; a member of our team will tell you more about Moffitt’s prostate cancer survival rate and discuss your treatment options.