Rectal Cancer Surgery for Residents of Clearwater, FL

Surgery is often the most appropriate form of rectal cancer treatment. Residents of Clearwater, Florida, who have been diagnosed with rectal cancer can explore the surgical treatment options available at Moffitt Cancer Center, located a short drive away in Tampa. The surgeons within our Gastrointestinal Oncology Program are highly experienced in treating rectal cancer of all stages, and they use their combined knowledge and experience to give countless patients a greater chance at a favorable outcome and a better quality of life.

The specific procedure that our experts may recommend for a patient with rectal cancer will depend on the size, stage and location of the cancer. Tumors that have not spread beyond the rectum may only require a small amount of healthy tissue surrounding the cancer to be removed. Patients whose cancer has spread beyond its point of origin may require more extensive rectal cancer surgery. The most common procedures performed at Moffitt to treat rectal cancer are:

  • Local excision – A surgeon removes the patient’s tumor with a minimal margin of surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Low anterior resection – A surgeon removes the patient’s tumor, surrounding tissue and nearby lymph nodes, and then reattaches the remaining ends of the colon.
  • Abdominoperineal resection – A surgeon removes the cancerous portion of the rectum, the nearby lymph nodes, rectal sphincter and anus. Then, a colostomy bag is attached to an opening in the abdominal wall to allow waste to exit the body.

Patients from Clearwater, FL, who require further treatment after their rectal cancer surgery, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, have access to leading-edge treatments all under the same roof. For some, treatment may involve participation in one of our clinical trials, where they will have the opportunity to benefit from the latest therapies before they are made widely available. Moffitt also offers a wide range of supportive care services to help patients cope with the challenges of undergoing rectal cancer surgery. We have dietitians, counselors, social workers and many other supportive care professionals available in the same location where patients are undergoing treatment, allowing them to focus solely on getting well, rather than shuttling from location to location to get the care they need.

If you live in Clearwater, FL, and would like to explore the rectal cancer surgery options available at Moffitt, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. You do not need a referral to consult with our physicians.