Rectal Cancer Surgery at Moffitt Cancer Center, A Short Drive Away From Fort Myers & Naples, FL

Each year, many patients turn to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for rectal cancer surgery, including a number of individuals from Fort Myers and Naples, FL. For these patients, the drive to Moffitt is well worth the access to expert surgeons, novel surgical techniques, advanced technologies and individualized treatment plans for which we have earned a prominent international reputation. For our continual advancements in cancer treatment, we have been named a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.

At Moffitt, we offer many different types of rectal cancer surgery, including:

  • Polypectomies to remove small tumors or polyps (this includes traditional polypectomies and minimally invasive transanal resections)
  • Low anterior resections to remove cancers that developed in the top portion of the rectum, which connects to the colon
  • Proctectomies to remove the entire rectum in cases of more advanced cancers
  • Abdominoperineal resections to remove the anus, the sphincter muscle and a few nearby tissues
  • Pelvic exenterations to remove the rectum and several of the nearby organs (such as the bladder, prostate or uterus) to address more extensive rectal cancers
  • Diverting colostomies to reroute the flow of waste in cases where large tumors have blocked the traditional flow of waste through the rectum

Because we perform several different unique procedures, we are able to create individualized treatment plans for each patient. Tailoring each rectal cancer surgery to the patient’s needs allows us to not only improve survival outcomes, but also quality of life.

With so much to consider in preparation for rectal cancer surgery, patients can rely on Moffitt Cancer Center to help with logistics. Our partner hotels welcome patients from Fort Myers or Naples who require clean and convenient lodging while here from out of town. Some of these hotels even offer shuttle services, making travel even more convenient for visitors who are not familiar with the area. By streamlining as many aspects of a patient’s visit as we possibly can, we make it easier for patients to focus more on what’s truly important: getting the top-caliber treatment they deserve.

To learn more about rectal cancer surgery at Moffitt, patients from Fort Myers or Naples, Florida, can call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. Physician referrals are not required.