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Clinical Trial 19681

Cancer Type: Healthy Subjects
Study Type: Other

Phase: N/A
Principal Investigator: Vadaparampil, Susan

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Study Title

Community Outreach: Novel Tracking of INdividuals to Understand and Assess Results (CONTINUAR)



The goal of this project is to deliver culturally targeted education about the benefits of and ways to overcome barriers to cancer screening through community outreach education. As part of the Outreach Core of the U54 Ponce Health Sciences University, Moffitt Cancer Center Partnership (PHSU-MCC Partnership), the CHE will conduct a series of educational workshops in the communities of Ponce, PR and Tampa, FL to encourage and motivate individuals to seek age, gender, and risk appropriate cancer screening(s). While these educational workshops may feature guest speakers (cancer experts) presenting on a cancer related topic, include a panel discussion or other activity, they will all include brief education about age, gender, and risk appropriate cancer screening(s) via a PowerPoint presentation delivered by the CHE or event presenter. A list of resources linking community members to health care providers for cancer screening and follow-up care will be also provided. A pre-test will be distributed to each participant before the event, and a post-test will be distributed immediately following the activity. Pre/post assessments of knowledge and intentions are now standard of practice in outreach education. While these immediate evaluations of impact of education are important, less is known about the intermediate and long-term behavioral outcomes of health education workshop attendees (e.g., health fair or charla participants). Furthermore, as part of evidence-based practice expectations, funding agencies are asking for information on behavioral impact of outreach education activities. As such, all event attendees will be asked if they are interested in completing our follow up surveys at two time points following their attendance of an educational workshop. Those participants who show interest in conducting follow up surveys will be given a participant information sheet explaining that follow-up surveys will be conducted via mailings, telephone or via the web at 12 and 24 months after participating in the workshop. The Participant information sheet will also provide general educational information about the reason for follow up and include information about opting out at any time. Participants will be asked to provide their preferred method of contact (mailing, telephone or e-mail) to administer the follow up surveys. The follow up surveys will assess cancer prevention knowledge, attitudes, screening behaviors and interest in research study participation among community members. Participants will receive the same follow up survey at 24 months via their preferred method of contact in the second year after participating in the educational workshop. Aim 1: To assess changes in short term cancer prevention knowledge, beliefs, intentions, screening behaviors, and interest in research study participation among community members during their participation at an educational workshop conducted by the PHSU-MCC Partnership. All event attendees will complete a pre (baseline) and post-test (immediate) to assess knowledge of and intention to engage in age, gender, and risk appropriate cancer screenings, and interest in relevant research studies. Aim 2: To assess changes in long term cancer prevention knowledge, beliefs, intentions, and screening behavior, and interest in research participation. Those individuals who agree to be re-contacted will complete 12 and 24 month (long-term) follow-up surveys in the first two years after participating in the workshop.




Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Self-report as Hispanic and have a preference for Spanish language materials
  • Age 18 or older since HPV testing and cervical cancer screening
  • Have the ability to speak and read standard Spanish
  • Willing to be re-contacted via mailing, telephone or the World Wide Web (e-mail)
  • Have a valid mailing address, telephone number (cell or land line) and/or e-mail.

  • Exclusion Criteria

    Exclusion Criteria:

  • Under the age of 18.
  • Does not speak and read standard Spanish
  • Is unable to provide a valid mailing address, e-mail and/or telephone number

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