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Clinical Trial 20310

Cancer Type: Healthy Subjects
Study Type: Health Services Research

Phase: N/A
Principal Investigator: Kruzel, Marleah

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Study Title

Family Building Decisions Among Adolescent Young Adults (AYAs) Patients with Inherited Cancer Risk and Their Partner Dyads



Aim 1: To examine information needs and preferences of AYA cancer patients and their partners regarding their carrier status in relation to decision-making about future family building. Approach: This aim will be achieved by conducting semi-structured, individual interviews with 12-15 patients as well as their partners within 2-4 weeks of the patient receiving genetic test results Aim 2: To investigate couples decision-making process regarding family building (including fertility preservation and assisted reproductive technologies, ART). Approach: To achieve this aim, AYA cancer patients and their partners will participate in an unmoderated recorded discussion task a structured conversation designed to uncover preferences for family building and decision making. Following their completion of the discussion task, AYA cancer patients and their partners will participate in semi-structured, dyadic interviews to discuss their decision-making process over time Aim 3: To develop a QPL to facilitate communication between patients and their partners about family building decisions. Approach: This aim will be achieved by combining the results from Aim 1 and Aim 2. Once complete, our study teams psychoeducational intervention will be piloted in a future iteration of this study.




Inclusion Criteria


  • Between 18 and 39 years of age
  • Received positive genetic test results that predisposes them to cancer
  • Have a partner and are currently cohabitating with that partner
  • Have not completed family building (i.e., either biological, adoption, surrogacy, etc.)

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