Getting Better: For My Family

Heather was expecting an update on her pregnancy not a cancer diagnosis when she was pregnant with her fifth child. The diagnosis was a catalyst for a spiraling series of events for Heather and her family. A week after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, Heather gave birth to a healthy baby and underwent a full hysterectomy. Just a few weeks post-surgery her husband was relocated to Tampa and the family followed. Heather also immediately began treatment for cervical cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center. 

A Determined Mother

Heather's cancer returned only a year and a half after completing her first cancer treatment. She quickly began a more aggressive treatment plan and was determined to do what it took to be healthy for her family. They were met with comfort by members of the Moffitt staff who took care of both Heather and her family.

“It was integral in my well-being and me getting better – knowing the kids were taken care of,” Heather recalls. “They felt welcome. They felt loved. And they were part of the team to make me feel better.”

Getting Back to a Rhythm

Heather’s treatment the second time was successful. She’s back into the rhythm of being a busy mom of five, teaching preschool and making new memories with her family.

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Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding (i.e., between menstrual periods or after sexual intercourse, a pelvic exam or menopause)
  • Pelvic or low back pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal discharge that is watery, thick, odorous or tinged with blood
  • Urination or defecation difficulties
  • Swollen legs

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