Meet Rebecca

Rebecca, breast cancer survivor

Rebecca was only 33 years old when a mammography revealed a lump in one of her breasts was stage 2 breast cancer.

After talking it over with those closest to her, it was unanimous that Rebecca would seek treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center, which offered the highest level of comprehensive and personalized care.

Decision-Making Treatment Options

Since Rebecca was adopted and didn’t know her family history, her oncologist, Dr. M. Catherine Lee, recommended testing for the BRCA gene, which ultimately came back negative.

"My treatment team knew my background and they weren't letting that just go to the side," says Rebecca.

Being fully informed and having several treatment options was important to Rebecca, who decided to undergo a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

"It was super important to me that my loved ones were
also taken care of and that they were comfortable with the treatment I was getting."

Support Group Rallies for Rebecca

Just as important was a support system that not only included her Moffitt treatment team but also her network of friends and family.

It was that support team who rallied around Rebecca when she decided to shave her head. Her boyfriend and a group of friends gathered for mimosas, laughs and some tears, before Rebecca’s long, beautiful ponytail was cut off.

"Everyone was so concerned but I wanted them to know that I'm courageous, I'm strong enough to do this," says Rebecca.

Now in remission, Rebecca is able to reflect on her experiences.

“Now that I’ve survived cancer, I think of myself more as an optimist,” she says.

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