Meet Rena- Ready for Anything

As a wedding and event planner, Rena is an expert at making plans. But when she received a cancer diagnosis in 2009 before she turned 30, it was unexpected. Stage 1 of cervical cancer is scary at any age. Not willing to take any chances, her gynecologist recommended Rena go to Moffitt.

Signs of Cervical Cancer

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding (i.e., between menstrual periods or after sexual intercourse, a pelvic exam or menopause)
  • Pelvic or low back pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Know More Signs of Cervical Cancer


Rena’s doctor at Moffitt recommended an aggressive treatment including radiation and chemotherapy. Things for Rena seemed to be back on track. Then, in 2012, on her 31st birthday, the cancer was back. This time, the proposed treatment would include major surgery – a pelvic exenteration – which involves the removal of all of the female organs, the bladder, colon and other organs in the pelvic cavity.

“When I finally made the decision to have the surgery I knew that it needed to be at Moffitt, honestly. That's where I feel the most comfortable.”

A Radical Decision

Rena’s surgery was both radical, and life saving. She was in the right hands. Moffitt’s highly skilled surgeons are experienced in performing a wide range of cervical cancer surgery procedures including robotic gynecologic surgery.

Helping Others

Today, Rena is healthy. While she adjusts to the changes that come with her life post-surgery, she’s putting her planning skills to work through a non-profit benefitting women battling cervical cancer.

For questions regarding cervical cancer, contact Moffitt Cancer Center by calling 1-888-663-3488 or by using our convenient new patient registration form online.