Lung Screening Highlights:

  • 80% of lung cancers found with a chest CT scan are early stage and potentially-curable
  • Curing lung cancer is possible with modern treatments and especially in people with early stage disease
  • Early stage lung cancer patients who undergo lung surgery almost always return to a normal life
  • Moffitt lung screenings are available without a referral and are covered through most insurances or our Screening Access Program

The Importance of Screening

Annual lung cancer screenings are an important part of a proactive health care plan for current and former smokers.
Most people with a smoking history over the age of 50 qualify for a lung cancer screening.

These screenings can identify potentially cancerous abnormalities like lung nodules long before any symptoms occur. Screenings rely on imaging scans that are quick and painless and can highlight any areas that should be noted for further evaluation.

“Lung cancer causes more cancer deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. However, only 6% of those eligible are getting screened. We could save 60,000 lives each year if the 14.5 million Americans who are eligible received an annual lung cancer screening,” - Dr. Jhanelle Gray, chair of the Thoracic Oncology Department at Moffitt.