Become a Research Trainee

Who can become a Research Trainee?

Active students (high school, undergraduate, graduate) from a U.S.-based institution. International visitors interested in a Moffitt research training experience must have at least a Master's degree and must have an academic appointment, employment, or are an active student at a foreign institution or university.

How to apply

Moffitt does not provide placement services, so prospective trainees are expected to reach out to a potential mentor prior to applying, and obtain approval to join their lab. Once they identify a mentor, the prospective trainee will receive instructions on how to complete the online application. After the application is reviewed/approved, Human Resources sends a packet by email to the applicant outlining the requirements necessary before they can start. The onboarding process can take at least four weeks. The process has many components and processing each step takes time. The amount of time it takes to process and approve a trainee depends largely on how quickly the paperwork is received from the applicant.

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