SPARK: What You Will Do

SPARK internship at Moffitt

  • Fulfill 10-week commitment between May 5 and August 14, 2020 (students must be available all day and will not be able to enroll in outside classes or have outside jobs during the day)
  • Adhere to dress code and maintain a professional behavior
  • Collaborate with an assigned mentor to create a research project with achievable goals in the time allotted
  • Gain familiarity with standard methodologies and research techniques in a safe environment
  • Attend seminars at the Cancer Center to further explore the latest developments in cancer research
  • Participate in scheduled lab meetings
  • Learn about available core resources necessary for your project such as; medical library, flow cytometry, molecular biology, pathology, molecular imaging, functional genomics and biostatistics 
  • Acquire necessary data through experimentation, computation, surveys or other means
  • Document findings in an appropriate format (laboratory journal, audiovisual recording or digital databases)
  • Review and discuss findings with research mentors, draw conclusions and make new plans
  • Gain oral presentation experience by designing and delivering a five-minute presentation to peers, lab members, family and guests at our yearly event, Research Day (PDF).
  • Write and submit a five-page scientific research report at the end of the program

Note: Due to COVID-19, group activities, including research day, may be virtual.