Clinical Perspectives

MEDx Talk: Evolutionary Therapy in Cancer

October 05, 2018


As the only cancer hospital in the world with specialists in evolutionary biology and mathematical oncology, cancer biologists, computer scientists and data experts, all working together to anticipate a tumor's path, Moffitt Cancer Center is pioneering a new way of fighting cancer through evolutionary therapies.  

Using Evolutionary Strategies to Fight Cancer

Dr. Alexander Anderson takes us on an immersive and inspiring talk about how the principles of evolution are being harnessed to outsmart tumors. As the Director of the Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy, Dr. Anderson's work focuses on how to integrate evolution with mathematical models to drive new patient care strategies. 

Battling the Resistance Outcome

What happens when certain cancerous cell populations are resistant to even the best treatments? We must develop and deploy the next generation of truly personalized adaptive cancer therapy to use that evolution to our own gain. This requires rethinking the mantra of maximum tolerated dose.

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