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At Moffitt Cancer Center, we believe a cure for multiple myeloma is possible, and with the right support and partnership, can be accomplished within 10 years. The Pentecost Family’s transformational gift is the cornerstone of our vision, allowing us to launch the Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center (PMRC), maintain our timeline for ongoing research, and begin the leveraging internal and external resources to turbocharge myeloma research at Moffitt.

Multiple Myeloma remains incurable for roughly 85% of patients today. This makes finding new treatments and curative intent management strategies for patients all the more important — and Moffitt is poised to be at the forefront of these discoveries.

To make significant progress in our mission, our focus is on four key areas of research and treatment.


Understanding precursor conditions is a fundamental part of developing new strategies to determine when, and in which patients, therapeutic intervention is appropriate. We believe that Moffitt’s personalized approach — to an individual’s myeloma genetic makeup and biology — holds the key(s) to preventing and curing multiple myeloma.


Mark Pentecost
Mark Pentecost

Questions still exist about exactly how and why some patients become functionally cured while others do not. Moffitt’s clinical researchers are working to better understand the biology of these patients. This knowledge will play a crucial role in developing new therapeutic strategies that can functionally cure a larger percentage of patients.


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T therapy is changing the way the world approaches cancer treatment — and with an 85% response rate that often results in a complete response in patients with advanced multiple myeloma, its popularity and reputation is well earned. At Moffitt, we see more potential for these powerful T cell engaging therapies, especially when they are administered to patients earlier in their treatment plan, when they are healthier and have less burden of disease.


Patients with relapsed multiple myeloma have limited therapeutic options. Simply put, there is an urgent need for more tools to fight this disease for patients who have failed multiple lines of therapy. New agent development has altered the treatment landscape and improved outcomes for patients around the world. Most of these therapeutics were developed from a better understanding of the biology of multiple myeloma and the immune system. A major goal of the Pentecost Family Research Center is to develop new and effective multiple myeloma therapies.

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Tyler WilsonThe support from all our philanthropic partners makes a meaningful impact in achieving the goals we have set for the PMRC. For more information on how you can support the Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center at Moffitt Cancer Center, please contact Tyler Wilson, Supervisor of Individual and Family Giving, at (813) 745-5641 or

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