Tara Is Beating Her Cancer, Thanks to Your Support


Tara was always active — hiking, working out, and open-water swimming. She never dreamed she’d be at risk for cancer.

“I was stretching,” she says, “and I felt a little lump under my arm.” She went to her doctor’s office that day and got a mammogram.

It was cancer. Tara was devastated. But she was also determined, and that led her to Moffitt Cancer Center. “When we walked into Moffitt,” Tara says, “there was a calm feeling that people are going through this every day. There was research behind it.”

Tara had surgery, chemo, and radiation. “When I was having surgery,” Tara says, “I saw my whole team. They were so alert, so prepared that I thought, ‘They’ve got this!’ I felt so positive about Moffitt.”

Relying on her faith and her doctors, Tara stayed positive. “Cancer has been the hardest battle of my life,” Tara says. “I don’t know what to do about it, but my doctors at Moffitt do.”

Today, Tara’s getting stronger and getting immunotherapy treatments. She’s doing everything she used to do, but at a slower pace, without taking anything for granted. “I want to thank all the donors for investing in the research at Moffitt,” she says, “because I want to keep on living.” 

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