Virtual Visits From Moffitt Cancer Center: Information for New Patients

Virtual Visits for New Patients at Moffitt

In response to public health threats like COVID-19, Moffitt Cancer Center is offering Virtual Visits for new patients from Florida and select other states. Individuals who would like to speak "face-to-face" with a Moffitt oncologist, surgeon, genetic counselor or another professional can do so in the comfort and safety of their own home by scheduling a Virtual Visit. This telemedicine service may be used to discuss a new cancer diagnosis, individual risk factors, treatment options or second opinions.

Key facts About Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits is conducted via a smartphone, computer or tablet and allows a patient to receive the individualized and progressive care our nationally renowned cancer center is known for providing without having to travel to one of our locations. Here are a few key facts about Moffitt Virtual Visits that prospective patients should know: 

  • After their appointment is confirmed, patients must register online through the Moffitt Patient Portal and fill out the First Appointment To-Do List 48-72 hours before their virtual visit.
  • An internet connection is required to participate in Virtual Visits. Patients who will be using a computer will need to have a webcam and select Google Chrome as their browser
  • If you are interested in virtual care and live in another state, contact Moffitt to determine eligibility.
  • Many insurance plans cover telemedicine services such as Moffitt Virtual Visits. Patients should check with their health insurance provider before their appointment. 
  • Video translation services are available for Virtual Visits.
  • Moffitt is here to walk patients through any technical challenges that may arise - for assistance with Virtual Visits, call 813-745-8111 or email

Let's connect

Contact Moffitt at 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online to schedule a virtual visit. Shortly after you submit your information, one of our clinical team members will inform you if Virtual Visits is appropriate for your situation. In the event that an in-person visit is recommended, you can be assured that Moffitt has taken every precaution necessary to ensure a safe environment for our patients.