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Michael Vogelbaum, MD, PhD

Program Leader, Department of Neuro-Oncology

Specialty: Neurosurgery
Program: Neuro-Oncology


Cancer Focus: Brain Cancer

Dr. Vogelbaum is an internationally known leader in neurosurgical oncology and distinguished investigator in laboratory research, translational and clinical trials in gliomas, a dangerous type of brain cancer.  Dr. Vogelbaum is currently Chief of Neurosurgery and Program Leader of the Department of Neuro-Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center.  He has served on or led numerous scientific committees and holds an array of honors and awards, as well as leadership positions at the regional, national and international level.  He is the principal investigator and co-investigator of a broad range of early phase investigator-initiated therapeutic trials, both national and international multisite collaborative studies. He has published over 190 peer-reviewed and invited articles.  He has written nine book chapters and co-edited one book: “Principles and Practice of Neuro-Oncology – A Multidisciplinary Approach.”  He was the recipient of the prestigious American Association of Neurological Surgeons Young Clinician Investigator Award.  Dr.  Vogelbaum also is the inventor of patented medical devices for delivering therapeutics directly to the brain and brain tumors.  The first of these devices has received FDA clearance. After completing his MD and PhD (Biomedical Engineering) at the University of Virginia, Dr. Vogelbaum completed his residency in neurological surgery at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. He spent almost two decades at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where he developed recognition as a world-renowned expert in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the brain and spinal cord. He is a clinical/translational research scientist with particular expertise and academic interest in stereotactic (image-guided) brain surgery, radiosurgery, the biology of brain tumors, and the development of novel anti-cancer treatments. He has received support and funding from the American Cancer Society, the National Institutes of Health and the Wolf Family Foundation.

Education & Training


  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital - Neurological Surgery
  • Barnes Hospital - Neurological Surgery

Medical School:

  • University of Virginia - M.D.
Participating Trials

Optimization of High-Grade Glioma Tissue Dissociation for the Maintenance of Cell Viability
Condition: Neurologic Oncology

A Pilot Trial of Intratumorally-Administered Topotecan using Convection-Enhanced Delivery (CED) in Patients with Suspected Recurrent/Progressive WHO Grade III or IV (High Grade) Glioma Undergoing Stereotactic Biopsy (IND 117,240)
Condition: Neurologic Oncology
Intervention: Topotecan ()

A Pilot Study of Intratumorally and Intraparenchymally Administered OS2966 using Convection-enhanced Delivery in Patients with Recurrent/Progressive High-grade Glioma Undergoing a Clinically-indicated Surgical Resection
Condition: Neurologic Oncology
Intervention: OS2966 ()

If you believe you are eligible for one of these trials or studies, please call
813-745-6100 or toll-free 1-800-679-0775.


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