CEO Letter, Volume 1; Issue 1

Moffitt Momentum Inaugural Issue

Dear Friends,

Alan F. List, M.D.

I am proud to announce an exciting new way for Moffitt Cancer Center to tell the story of the fight against cancer. Since 1986, our single focus has been to contribute to the prevention and cure of this disease. In short, to end cancer. And today, the work being done here at Moffitt is transforming the way cancer is treated and perceived around the globe. But as you’ll see in this and every issue of Moffitt Momentum, the story is not just about us.

Patients, families, partners, donors and friends locally and worldwide continue to inspire us to fight harder. And along with our faculty, staff, clinicians and researchers, they have their own stories when it comes to being touched by cancer and the commitment to help defeat it. Moffitt Momentum will tell these stories, sharing portraits of the fight in a way we think will be more engaging and memorable than what you might be used to. Have you ever imagined a magazine about science, research and medicine looking and feeling more like a coffee table book? Neither had we. But then we asked the question that’s heard quite often around here. Why not?

I invite you to get to know the new layout and read about what’s happening in discovery, health and wellness as well as efforts and opportunities to fuel the fight through funding and involvement. Speaking of that, I’d like to thank Bob Griese, an NFL legend, for not only his and his family’s outstanding work, but for helping us launch this inaugural issue in style. If we’re as successful in the lab and clinic as he was on the gridiron, then the momentum is even stronger than we thought. Bob’s inspirational story is the first of many to come and shows how people everywhere are making a difference.

While there is more work to be done, there’s much to celebrate and even more to share. I believe Moffitt Momentum will serve as a great vehicle for encapsulating the journey toward fulfilling the mission. Enjoy!

Alan F. List, M.D.
President & CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center