CEO Letter

Dear Friends,

Alan F. List, M.D.

Partnerships include patients, family members, caregivers, volunteers, physicians, research scientists, donors, fundraisers, health advocates and more. These varied alliances are united in Moffitt’s mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

In this issue, “Team Mulvey” describes a 49-year endearing partnership between Jerry, a cancer survivor, and his wife, Trudy. Having overcome Jerry’s diagnosis and stem cell transplant together, they now volunteer in a Moffitt clinic waiting room. They make a 120-mile round trip almost every week to honor their commitment.

Sheryl Anderman shared her patient testimony and why breast cancer research is so important at an appreciation reception for The Shula Foundation. At the event, Don Shula announced a $1.5 million gift to establish a fund to support scientific research aimed at generating new treatment and prevention strategies for breast cancer patients.

Each article within this magazine embodies the concept of partnering. You will read of the collaborative efforts of scientists as they bridge the gap between discoveries and the realization of new and better therapies. Postdocs at Moffitt hone their expertise in chemistry and biological science while also advocating for biomedical research funding, because they believe a cure for cancer will be discovered in a laboratory.

Dr. Brian Rivers, a member of Moffitt’s Health Outcomes and Behavior Department, is passionate about cancer prevention, especially among medically underserved populations. He is exploring the use of modern technology to educate African-American men, a high-risk population, about prostate cancer.

The stories featuring Prematie Jebodh and Ann Claussen describe how Moffitt’s specialized teams of health care professionals concentrate on the whole person and, perhaps equally important, the bonds that often form between patients and their health care teams.

Clearly, partnerships are essential, and we invite you to partner with us.

Alan F. List, M.D.

President & CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center