Karenne Levy Department Of Patient Experience

The Moffitt Patient Experience

By Janan Talafer

As the director of the newly created Department of Patient Experience, Karenne Levy is committed to enhancing the level of personalized service and care patients receive at Moffitt, a world-class center for cancer treatment.

Karenne Levy
Karenne Levy

Moffitt provides exceptional treatment, and its clinical outcomes are unmatched. The goal is to enhance the patient experience by focusing on the importance of the human connection. It is about empathy and understanding how the patient and his or her family feel.

“Patients who have been given a diagnosis of cancer are scared, anxious and many times feeling hopeless,” Levy says. “What we need to do is put out a helping hand, ease their anxiety and assist them during this very vulnerable period in their life.”

She hopes to create a new organization-wide standard for service excellence in which compassion, empathy, communication, coordination and consistency are used to make patients and their families feel welcomed, respected and cared for while receiving treatment at Moffitt.

Levy brings a unique perspective to her role at Moffitt. Six weeks after the birth of her son, Levy was devastated to receive a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. Looking for the best care and treatment, she was relieved to know that Moffitt was the highest ranked cancer center in Florida. She was further comforted because Moffitt was close to home and allowed her to be with her newborn and continue working while receiving treatment. Levy underwent rigorous treatment for close to a year.

Once her treatment was completed, she joined the Moffitt Patient and Family Advisory Council. The council is a forum where patients and family members collaborate with Moffitt leadership to enhance the patient experience. “I wanted to give back to the wonderful people at Moffitt who gave me hope, cheered me on and saved my life.