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Moffitt Researchers Published in eLife

Dr. Gina DeNicola
Gina DeNicola, PhD

A Moffitt-led research team recently published their study titled, "Cysteine dioxygenase 1 is a metabolic liability for non-small cell lung cancer," in eLife.

Investigators used "genetically engineered, non-transformed primary murine cells to isolate the most immediate effects of NRF2 on cellular metabolism. "They found that NRF2 promoted the metabolism of the amino acid cysteine into two wasteful and toxic products by an enzyme called cysteine dioxygenase 1 (CDO1). Human tumors often lose CDO1 expression which allows the tumors to proliferate.

"The findings of the study show that not all of the changes in metabolism caused by individual mutations in cancer cells help tumors to grow. As a tumor develops it may need to acquire further mutations to override the negative effects of these changes in metabolism. In the future these findings may help researchers develop new therapies that reactivate or mimic CDO1 to limit the growth of tumors."

Congratulations to all Moffitt authors: Yun Pyo Kang, Laura Torrente, Aimee Falzone, Cody Elkins, Min Liu, and Gina DeNicola!