Postdoctoral Research Training for Molecular Oncology

Molecular Oncology Lab
Postdoctoral Research Training is a vital component of the Department of Molecular Oncology’s diversified research portfolio. We strive to provide an environment that both empowers our Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Fellows to make new scientific discoveries and build the foundational skill sets required for professional development into independent scientists on their chosen career path. There are multiple T32 grants at Moffitt, and the opportunity to apply for other career awards.

Current Molecular Oncology Research Scientists

  • Lucia Mazzacurati, Ph.D. (Reuther Lab)
  • Shengyan (Kevin) Xiang, Ph.D. (Alexandrow Lab)
  • Leixiang Yang, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)

Current Molecular Oncology Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Aziz Aiders, Ph.D. (M Mann Lab)
  • Hayley Ackerman, Ph.D. (Flores Lab)
  • Sandip Chavan, Ph.D. (Koomen Lab)
  • Ana Contreras, Ph.D. (M Mann Lab)
  • Jon Faughn, Ph.D. (Alexandrow Lab)
  • Suman Govindiraju, Ph.D. (K Mann Lab)
  • Tao Han, Ph.D. (Wan Lab)
  • Qingling Huang, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)
  • Qingliang Li, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)
  • Xiaobo Li, Ph.D. (Flores Lab)
  • Xia Liu, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)
  • Junhao Lu, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)
  • Xingju Luo, Ph.D. (Alexandrow Lab)
  • Koji Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D. (Karreth Lab)
  • Marco Napoli, Ph.D. (Flores Lab)
  • Garima Pandey, Ph.D. (Reuther Lab)
  • Olga Vera Puente, Ph.D. (Karreth Lab)
  • Zheng Song, Ph.D. (Chen Lab)
  • Xiaonan Xu, PhD (Karreth Lab)
  • Qing Yin, Ph.D. (Wan Lab)

Recently Trained Scientists in Molecular Oncology: Alumni who trained within the department since 2016.

  • Ngoc Bui, Ph.D. (MD-Anderson/Moffitt Graduate Student, 2012–2018 and Moffitt Postdoctoral Fellow in Flores Lab, 2018–2019) - Dr. Bui is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Laurie Ailles at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
  • Brook Nepon-Sixt, Ph.D. (Moffitt Graduate Student, 2011–2016 and Moffitt Postdoctoral Fellow in Alexandrow Lab, 2016–2019) - Dr. Nepon-Sixt is currently a Medical Science Liaison with Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Ioannis Grammatikakis, Ph.D. (Research Scientist in Flores Lab, 2017–2019) - Dr. Grammatikakis is currently a staff scientist at National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.
  • Nicholas Gimbrone, Ph.D. (Moffitt/USF Graduate Student in Cress Lab, 2014–2019) - Dr. Gimbrone is currently a Data Science Innovator at GuideRX.
  • Andrew Davis, Ph.D. (MD-Anderson/Moffitt Graduate Student, 2013–2017 and Moffitt Postdoctoral Fellow in Flores Lab, 2017–2018) - Dr. Davis is currently a Senior Scientist at Unilever.
  • Sarah Wu, M.D., Ph.D. (MD-Anderson Graduate Student in Flores Lab, 2013–2019) - Dr. Wu is currently a Pathology Resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.
  • Justin Y. Newberg, Ph.D. (Research Scientist in K Mann & M Mann Labs, 2017–2018) - Dr. Newberg is currently a Bioinformatic Scientist at Foundation Medicine, Inc. within the Cancer Genomics Research group.
  • Bhaswati Sarcar, Ph.D. (Research Scientist in Cress Lab, 2016–2018) - Dr. Sarcar is currently a Research Scientist in Jason Fleming’s Lab at Moffitt Cancer Center.
  • Mousumi Das, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow in Chen Lab, 2015–2018) - Dr. Das is currently in the Department of Microbiology, PDM University, Haryana, India.
  • Melissa Hoffman, Ph.D. (Moffitt/USF Graduate Student in Koomen Lab, 2013–2018) - Dr. Hoffman is currently in a clinical chemistry postdoctoral fellowship in Robert Fitzgerald’s lab at the University of California at San Diego.

For a full list of postdoctoral opportunities in the Department of Molecular Oncology, please contact:

Kristen Gilpin 
Grant Admin Assoc II
Admin to Department of Molecular Oncology

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