COVID-19 and Oncology Patient Experience Study (COPES)

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How your participation is helping study the effects of the pandemic on Moffitt patients. This impactful project aims to use survey responses from over 10,500 participants to study the effects of the pandemic on stress, health behaviors, and access to healthcare.

In this survey study, the research team is sending out surveys to many patients to learn how the pandemic has affected their lives. Over 53,000 patients were invited to complete an initial survey and nearly 11,000 responded.

We have already begun studying the effects of patient characteristics, like age, and different behaviors on social isolation in cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Shelley Tworoger presented key findings at a national conference.

We found that social isolation was more common in younger age groups and women. Also, regularly practicing "risk mitigation" behaviors to prevent COVID infection (such as not leaving the house and avoiding physical contact) was related to more social isolation. This work will help us develop and target interventions to reduce social isolation for all patients with cancer.

Patient participation continues to help Moffitt understand the impact of the pandemic on patients! The study team continues to send surveys every two months to understand how the pandemic and getting the vaccine are impacting patient’s health over time.

"Between the pandemic and dealing with a cancer diagnosis, there is a lot of change and stress in our patients’ lives. We want to understand what the most challenging issues are so that we can help improve the quality of life for all those living with cancer," said Dr. Tworoger.