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Lucky And Grateful 640

Lucky and Grateful

I am an Ewing's sarcoma survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 32. I had no experience with cancer except for what I had seen on television or in movies. Read More


8 Questions with Moffitt Patient and Professional Wakeboarder Alexa Score

"For me the act of 'surviving' isn’t one single accomplishment, like having no cancer or growing your hair back. Surviving, to me, is a way of life," says Alexa Score. Read More


Young Patients Connect During Moffitt's Pediatric Melanoma Clinic Day

Most 11-year-old children don’t know how to pronounce words like cutaneous, ocular or amelanotic, let alone know the difference between these types of melanomas, but it comes second nature for Allison Rupp. Read More


Chad's Story: 'There is Life After Cancer'

Chad, a two-time sarcoma survivor, says having personal goals during treatment – something that didn’t involve cancer – was helpful. Read More


Supporting Adolescents & Young Adults With Cancer

We are committed to providing patients ages 15 to 39 with specialized medical and psychosocial supportive care designed to help them achieve better outcomes and quality of life. Read More


Pediatric Skin Cancer Patients Participate in Annual Check-Up Day

Pediatric patients took part in Moffitt’s annual “check-up day” for children battling melanoma and skin-related cancers at McKinley Outpatient Center. Read More


Madison's Story

Madison encourages other young adults with cancer to be fearless. Read More


Jackie's Story

Jackie discovered how valuable it can be to find others who can relate, not just sympathize, with her cancer diagnosis at Moffitt’s AYA Program. Read More