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The Doctors: Veterinarian Dr. Edward Donates Stem Cells to Save His Brother

Although the brothers were only a 6-out-of-10 match, doctors were hopeful that a closely related donor would give Sylvan Edward a better outcome. Read More


Moffitt Nurse's Career Begins with Three Small Scars

Growing up watching her brother battle a disease and seeing how crucial bone marrow transplants are to patients in need, led Katherine to pursue a career in medicine. Read More


Harriett's Story

When Harriet’s cancer returned she was comforted knowing her Moffitt team was with her every step of the way during her treatment. Read More


Marty's Story

Being a father is the most important job Marty has. He’s determined to show is kids that cancer can be fought. Read More


Paul's Story

After recovering from his bone marrow transplant, Paul decides to give back to Moffitt as the Patient Advocate involved in building the McKinley Outpatient Center. Read More


Kristen's Story

While caring for her husband, Paul, Kristen learned how easy it can be to “forget to breath” and discovered the importance of taking time for herself, too. Read More