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Lower The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer

10 Tips to Lower the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer cannot be completely prevented, but there are some ways to lower the risk, and many women don’t know about them. Read these 10 tips. Read More

Ovarian Cancer Weight Gain

Can Ovarian Cancer Cause Weight Gain?

Some women experience abdominal swelling and bloating after developing ovarian cancer. Find out if there is a connection between ovarian cancer and weight gain. Read More

High Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Who Is at High Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

All women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer, but some have personal or familial factors that further increase their risk. Read More

Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy

Can You Get Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy?

If a woman has a hysterectomy, is it still possible for her to develop ovarian cancer? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Read More

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Linked to Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer

New study suggests women who experience multiple PTSD symptoms have a much greater risk of developing the disease years later Read More

Evidence Mounts Linking Aspirin to Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

New JAMA Oncology study shows daily use can reduce risk by 23 percent Read More

New Studies Show Daily Aspirin Use Reduces Ovarian Cancer Risk and Improves Survival after Diagnosis

Research suggests reducing inflammation through daily aspirin use can lower ovarian cancer risk and improve survival for those battling the disease Read More


Is There a Link Between Baby Powder and Cancer?

Recently, a long-simmering issue – whether talc (the mineral found in baby powder) can cause ovarian cancer – has reemerged in the spotlight. Read More

Moffitt Names New Associate Center Director of Population Science

Shelley Tworoger, Ph.D., will focus on enhancing ovarian cancer prevention and improving understanding of breast and ovarian carcinogenesis Read More


Julie's Story

Julie had a procedure known as mini-Associating Liver Partition and Portal Vein Ligation, or ALPPS, which promotes rapid growth of the liver and makes removal of all cancerous lesions safe and possible. Read More


30 Days of Teal – September Is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

As with all types of cancer, early detection is key to achieving the best possible outcome for a woman who is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Read More


Judy's Story

Judy chose to participate in clinical trials not only to fight her ovarian cancer, but in the hopes that others would benefit from these studies as well. Read More

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist

Women's Cancer Screening Checklist: You may be at increased risk because of family history, your personal medical history, lifestyle and environmental factors. If you are at increased risk for cancer, you may need a diagnostic testing plan established by a doctor. Read More