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Early Signs Esophageal Cancer

What Are the Early Signs of Esophageal Cancer?

Esophageal cancer, which does not produce symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage, may cause issues with eating, swallowing or digesting food. Learn more. Read More

Lump On Head

Can a Lump on Your Head Be Cancer?

Finding a new head lump can be alarming, as many cancers can cause a lump to form that can be felt through your skin. Could it be cancer? Find out here. Read More

Male Kidney Cancer Risk

Who Is Most at Risk for Kidney Cancer?

Anyone can develop kidney cancer, but certain factors can increase the likelihood that you will be affected. Click here to find out who is most at risk. Read More

Spot Breast

Red Spot on Breast: Bug Bite or Cancer?

Usually, a red spot on a breast can be traced to something as simple as hives or a bug bite. But could it be cancer? Possibly. Find out what else to look for. Read More

Male Cancer Signs

Cancer Symptoms Men Shouldn't Ignore

Many early signs of cancer in men may seem minor or go unnoticed. That’s why it’s important for all men to be proactive about their health. Read More

Female Cancer Signs

Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn't Ignore

The key to effective treatment for breast or gynecologic cancer is early detection. Read about some symptoms women should never ignore. Read More

Rash Sign Cancer

Can Rashes Be a Sign of Cancer?

Skin rashes are common and can develop for a variety of reasons, such as allergies and infections. But could a rash also be a sign of cancer? Read More

Persistant Cough

Is a Persistent Cough a Sign of Cancer?

Coughing is a protective reflex that clears the lungs of irritants. Usually, a cough is not a cause for concern. But could it be a sign of cancer? Find out. Read More

High Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Who Is at High Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

All women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer, but some have personal or familial factors that further increase their risk. Read More