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Thyroid Gland

Radioactive Iodine Treatment in Patients with Thyroid Cancer

It is currently more selective when it comes to which patients need to be treated with Radioactive Iodine Treatment. RAI is rarely used in patients with low-risk thyroid cancer and it is indicated for all patients with high-risk thyroid cancer. Read More


Targeted Therapy in Thyroid Cancer

A new generation of systemic therapy for thyroid cancer targets specific gene mutations. Knowledge of the mutation helps clinicians to select the best therapy for targeting that mutation. Read More


Patty's Story: How She Became 'Great Friends' With Her Radiation Mask

After completing radiation therapy, Patty had her radiation face mask painted and discovered that it changed her outlook about the treatment. Read More


Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month Is Observed Worldwide Each September

During the month of September, Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is observed throughout the world in order to help educate the public about this condition, which affects the thyroid gland. Read More