Taking Care of Your Health

Madison's Story

October 21, 2015


My grandpa was just the man that I wanted to walk me down the aisle one day. He was that supporter, that encourager… So when I graduated high school, I applied for an internship based in California and I got it and it was like a dream come true. A month before I was supposed to move, my grandpa was diagnosed with lymphoma.

I knew I couldn’t leave until he had won his battle. I stayed just to be here for him and during that time, during all of his treatments, I was diagnosed with it myself.

Moffitt came out with an article that was based on the exact same kind of cancer that I had, for the same exact age group that I fell into. We took that as a sign from God to head over to Moffitt, if they have the answer to exactly what I’m going through.

During my cancer season, I was able to fight it fearlessly and still kind of shine some light and that’s what I want other young adults to be able to do.  Spark the Way exists to equip other young adults to be fearless, to be light bearing in their cancer fight.

We give them little care packages, little bits and pieces of encouragement. You can have victory before that time that cancer leaves your body. You can have victory in saying, “Cancer, you’ve got nothing on me. “