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Moffitt Hosts Cancer Moonshot Summit

June 30, 2016

CancerMoonshot2jpg.jpg Moffitt Cancer Center founder, H. Lee Moffitt, right, attended the summit with physicians, scientists, patients and advocates.

Moffitt Cancer Center hosted a Cancer Moonshot Summit on Thursday, June 29, bringing together physicians, scientists, patients, and advocates to discuss viable ways to accelerate cancer research and improve treatment. The forum was held in conjunction with Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Summit at Howard University, and more than 250 similar events at institutions throughout the United States.  This is the first time a group this expansive and diverse has met under the government charge to double the rate of progress toward a cure – to make a decade of advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care in five years.

Moffitt’s summit focused on highlighting how our cancer center is making an impact in several areas being highlighted in the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, including cancer vaccine development, early cancer detection, immunotherapy, and enhanced data sharing. Attendees then heard remarks from Vice President Biden who noted, “Cancer touches everyone in some way. Almost every one of us has lost someone relatively close to us. We’re all here because we can do something about it.” The event then became an open forum for anyone to share their thoughts and suggestions on breaking down the silos that exist in cancer research and health care.

All of the ideas generated at Moffitt’s Cancer Moonshot Summit will be shared with the White House. If you were unable to attend the event, but have suggestions you are urged to email MoonshotIdeas@Moffitt.org.