Taking Care of Your Health

Stay on Track with Health Gadgets, Apps

December 02, 2015


Health apps

Stay on track with some tech gadgets and apps that can help improve or maintain your health. 

  • Fitbit  – Its popularity is likely attributed to the ease of using this device. It works like a pedometer but tracks much more, such as sleeping habits and calories you burn. It also allows you to set and track goals. 
  • Fooducate –  Use this app to track your food intake and scan product barcodes to see nutritional information. You can also search their vast database to find the healthiest food options.
  • MyBrain Melomind - a headset that helps reduce stress by providing guided relaxation and creating music using your brain activity.
  • Healbe goBe - A wrist-worn device that measures the calories you consume – through your skin.
  • Scanadu Scout - A handheld medical tricorder that monitors heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, emotional stress and more. 
  • AirSonea – A "digital stethoscope" and smartphone app that records breath sounds to detect and measure wheezing.
  • Dario – A glucose meter on your smartphone. The app logs and tracks your blood sugar levels and allows you to share the data.
  • Vatality GlowCap – Have a hard time remembering to take medicines on time?  This pill bottle "reminds" you and once a week you get an email telling you how many times you took your pill on time.  (Product due for re-shipment in 2016.)

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