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Your Stories

Hope. Comfort. Inspiration. Explore the stories from our patients and caregivers who share their experiences through cancer discovery, treatment and recovery. 


Karen Lifshin lost her mother and aunt to breast cancer so she always knew that preventative care and frequent screenings would be crucial for her health. Karen shares her story


"I just knew that I would be able to make it through somehow." Jacqueline shares her story


"How many people can say they work for a company that saved their life?"
Joshua shares his story


"Only five months after being diagnosed with breast cancer I was going to finish a half-marathon while going through chemo." Anna shares her story


"As difficult as treatment and wearing that [radiation] mask was, it was still a positive part of my life.”
Patty shares her story


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Your stories of courage inspire ours. Hear from survivors, advocates, researchers and healthcare providers in our Community of Courage.

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